the future is brilliant

We have always believed in design as an instrument of transformation. To make a difference and collaborate so that the luxury market is more and more connected with our current times, we open our agenda to discuss the social, environmental and cultural matters within our value chain. When looking into our country, we realize that there is no greater richness around us than our own Culture. And that from this attentive look we can make improvements and impact positively the planet and its people.

By uniting ethics and aesthetics with Portal ECOERA’s expertise, we have initiated our first empirical experience with WaiWai indigenous women from the Kaapu project. This is a work of investigation from a collaborative production of design objects. With that we seek to experience new possibilities of interaction between methods, techniques, processes and materials from original Brazilian cultures and our creative universe. We believe that highlighting our common points and where we differ may not only reveal to us a huge creative power, but also present us new possibilities for us to relate with our mean.

These are different times and the understanding we have about Luxury might need to be expanded for being able to reach places not even ourselves have arrived yet; and so that from these places the Luxury can also arise. These are cultures that need to be known all around the world so that they can still keep on existing and happening. We must value our natural and manual treasures, in addition to cooperate with the quality of life of artisan communities throughout our Brazil. With these partnerships, we hope that the world can have each time more access to these cultures and that these cultures can have more and more access to the world.

We do not have, however, the pretension of presenting an outlined path, because the path is exactly an ongoing process. We do know, though, that this path passes through the respect to cultures, the protection of the environment, the support of the economical development of these communities, the defense of historical social issues in our country and, above all, through the necessity of overcoming the individual scale of our actions.

We are just getting started, because to us the future is now and it can and should be brilliant to everyone!