Kate Moss x Ara Vartanian

A collaboration between jeweller Ara Vartanian and fashion icon Kate Moss. The two friends have united in creating a Limited-Edition collection that brings to life old English legends in a modern fashion. Crafted in 18kt gold, the collection is set with rich stones including amethysts, citrine, garnet, and green goldstone, as well as a one of a kind pieces set with diamonds, rubies and other precious stones.

The friendship between two creative minds naturally developed to a collaborative level, and the collection has been designed in complete creative partnership between the two. The pair have taken aspects of Ara’s designs, such as his iconic Hook Earrings, and joined these with Kate’s unique style and love of jewellery.

The collection has been inspired by old English legends and the mystic. The pair share a vision that comes from the deep-seated belief in organic spirituality of the natural world. The collection mimics medieval symbols, mounted with swords reminiscent of St George, Patron Saint of England, as well as sickle moon symbols and amulets which bring protection and good energy.

Kate and Ara shot the collection with Fenton Bailey on the four faces signed to the Kate Moss Agency at Kate’s Cotswold home. The ensemble of talent includes Elfie Reigate, Luka Isaac, Louis Baines and Anna-Lea Gardner.

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